“No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it.”

~ Albert Einstein

Over the years, there have been many organisations and groups emerging to advocate for the disabled community in Singapore and assist or support them in different ways possible. Yet somehow, something in this seemingly abundant support system is still lacking. 

“We have many talented artists with disabilities. Yet public opinion lags in its attitude towards the disabled, leaving many of them feeling like second-class citizens.”

~ Professor Tommy Koh in “The Disabled and the Arts in Singapore” by The Straits Times

Artists, performers and creative talents have been classified as “non-essential services” during the COVID-19 pandemic. Be it job opportunities, education accessibility or life experiences, many of us only think of the abled. If these able-bodied creatives are struggling to get by, what then, is it like for creatives with one or more impairments? Artists… Sculptors… Performers… Writers… Videographers… many are going through a difficult period with untold suffering and can barely make ends meet. 

It is beyond just giving them one-off projects or a platform to showcase their talents, or providing low-wage menial jobs to occupy their time. These have been proven to be unsustainable, or demoralising, and may breed inactivity.

Rather, it is about broadening their income base, generating new demand for their ideas, and increasing the value of their creative works.

It is about bringing them from survival mode to sustained success, where their creative skills and talents are amplified through highly organised processes and well-engineered business strategies.

COLLECTIVE PERSPECTIVES is a Social Enterprise established to provide disabled artists more opportunities and new platforms to professionalise and diversify their careers for income and artistic development and growth. Through collaborations and connections, we want to unlock the true potential of this underserved group. We are actively seeking like-minded partners to raise a new generation of disabled artists, as well as to develop accessibility solutions to enable and empower the disabled community.


We want to take the I-M in Impairment and Impossible, and make it a powerful I AM.

I AM Creative.”

I AM Able to Relate to Your Audience.”

I AM Able to Tell Your Story with a Fresh Perspective.”


We want to create an Ecosystem where Creative Talents with physiological disabilities are:

ENABLED to become a perspective-changing community of creators with unique abilities;

EQUIPPED with resources and new technologies to offer new ideas and narratives that will open up fresh perspectives;

EMPOWERED to make a difference in the creative marketplace

These are what COLLECTIVE PERSPECTIVES aims to achieve.

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