Shades – Poetry Book

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Just at $25 SGD each, Shades by Stephanie Esther Fam is a great gift with words that come to you more personally and closely than you can imagine.



📚📚📖 Stephanie waited 18 years to publish her first book SHADES… a collection of 51 poems she kept in the dark and is finally ready to share with the world 📖📚📚

Find out why here:
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As she continues to advocate for the disabled individuals in our Singapore community and internationally, she hopes that her poems will leave readers to find themselves or live through her words.

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One thought on “Shades – Poetry Book

  1. Stephanie is a Genius. Poems are so incredibly expressive, some relatable, it moved me very much. My Kor’, ‘This Special Person’ and Living Legacy’ are one of my many favourites from the book. Highly recommend.

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